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Become a member of Emeritus Golf in a 2 easy steps!


Step 1 – Join Golf Canada

Join Golf Canada
Membership registration with Golf Canada costs $49.95/year.
Joining Golf Canada includes many benefits, it’s not just to track your scores for our tours.   Emeritus Golf requires this to integrate our members in to the Tournament Management Software (TMS) and to calculate LOW NET scores using your handicap (HDCP).  This approach to competitive golf keeps the competition fair for all players. Visit Golf Canada’s handicapping section for an explanation of the rules when using HDCP.

You’re a swing closer to playing in this years Emeritus Golf tour events.

Step 2 – Join Emeritus Golf

Choose a membership type below and register.
Competitive Players

Annual membership is only $25/year
Lifetime membership is only $250

Non Competitive Players

Free membership

Either one is a round away to all our tours!


Don’t forget to choose your category:

  1. VETERAN – Any age and gender but must have served in CAF, allied forces, RCMP, policing, or emergency services (includes CBSA and CSC).
  2. SENIOR – 55 years old or older. This category is not mandatory if over 55, although if selected at the beginning of the year you cannot compete in the veteran category, you can not change it due to HDCP results from advanced tees in tournaments.
  3. FAMILY – Any affiliation to the Veteran category.
  4. FREE – Includes any players that wish to play alongside the tour players.  This is a non competitive category and has no opportunity to be selected for championships.  Any rounds completed in this category can be used as a calculation of your HDCP but will not be counted as credit minimum rounds needed to qualify.
  • For insurance purposes when playing for sponsored items (for example – cars) all players must respect the minimum distance required to have the opportunity to win the item regardless of your tee placement declared by gender or age.
  • In addition to competing in your respective category at the end of season National Championship round, you will also be competing for LOW GROSS against all other players in all the categories.



$25 per year

Most economical